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Briefing: If there’s a brand within the collective imagination in Catalunya is Borges.

Their centenary tradition has been holding a link with the people which supposes a valid active for the brand.

However, In a market where the oil has turned into a commodity and the price is the main buying criteria, the link between the consumer is the opportunity to highlight and win market share.

Borges´s team knew this so in order to use this for their benefit the had in charged us a campaign with an emotional cut, where meeting again with their people and claim not only its quality but the role of a guardian in the the cooking tradition.

Our idea was: Good things unify us

There’s nothing more typical than common experiences, those who create links and make us recognise each other in a world which is less and less united. Thats why, we appeal to the images that we love as culture, we composed a campaign which talks about the childhood of the friendship within the kitchen, of the traditions of the summer evenings.

The existing version that we recorded with Judit Neddermann (The voice in capitals) and Carles San Jose, Turned into a classic instantly and it framed the stage so Pilarin Bayes (The illustrator of all children) could paint a magnific frame, which somehow transmits the message of the song word by word

So in that way, round, honest and wonderful this job is the fifth essence of the musical advertising 

From the song we had recorded more than ten versions in three different languages with three different artists from various styles in more than ten years of experience in the different spots concepts.

The lyrics of the song keeps appearing in the tags of the olive oil ten years after the first version

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